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The Global Travel Group is not like any other home working or travel franchise company. We have been creating and developing successful travel businesses for over 25 years. Whether you are new to the world of travel, an experienced travel professional or have previously worked in the industry we offer the perfect package for you.
With our support, training, unrivalled buying power and  access to over 500,000 hotel rooms, airlines, ancillary products which include car hire, travel  insurance and attraction passes. Our unique travel business package is tailored to enable you to compete in one of the world’s largest industries.
With the flexibility to run your business from your home, an office, a retail outlet or a call centre environment. We know we have the best opportunity for you to be successful.

The choice is yours...

Your choice of business name...
Choosing a name for your new business is really exciting, that’s why we don’t insist that you use ours. Unlike lots of franchises you’ll have your own independent identity, image and look – but don't fret if you're stuck for inspiration, our Marketing team are brilliant at brainstorms!
Your choice of location...
All our members are individuals – therefore some want to work from home, others from an office or maybe even a high street shop. Whichever you choose is fine by us – but if you want our help and advice with that, of course you’ll get it.
Your choice of direction...
Want to specialise in the Far East? Cruising? USA?
Whichever direction you want to take your business is your choice. Many of our existing members specialise in what they know and love – why don’t you?
What’s included:

  • Uncapped earning potential
  • Industry licences - protecting you and your customers’ money
  • Comprehensive training led by our team of experienced travel professionals
  • FREE printed and digital marketing materials and ongoing support
  • Your own personalised mobile responsive travel website
  • Your own dedicated Membership Services Manager
  • Competitive commission rates from a vast array of big brand travel industry suppliers
  • Dedicated support from our UK based help desks
  • Bespoke brand and logo design service
  • State of the art dynamic packaging reservation system
  • Regional training events
  • Educationals, discounted holidays and industry incentives
  • Monthly commission payments

We recognise that for us to succeed, you need to succeed and so everything we have built is designed to help your business grow.
The idea is simple, so why not contact us today to find out more and make travel your business.


Is most definitely where the heart is, and so some of our Partners choose to start and develop their travel agency from home, as it helps their work-life balance. They run their business in anything from a spare room or study to a converted garage, as long as amongst the madness the area has a phone line and space for a desk, then they are good to go! We are all busy people outside of our jobs and we know that having the option to work from home for some of our members, is more valuable then anything else we could offer them.


For those of us that like to escape the hustle and bustle of home life, another popular way our Partners start their travel agencies is to operate from business premises, to enjoy the hustle and bustle of office life instead! If they have the means available to do this, it can range from a simple office through to their very own call-centre. The potential is endless!


Whichever suits you best, we can provide you with everything you need to start your own business and then make sure to provide you with continued support along the way.

To find out more, contact us on 01483 545783 today!

Always wished to open your own travel agency shop? Not sure where to begin? Well lets get the ball rolling!

Many of our members run very successful shops benefiting from fantastic commercial terms with all major tour operators enabling them to compete with other high street agencies.

We have the secret ingredient that many agencies do not have, and that is use of our Group ATOL licence to package your own holidays with, enabling you to offer your clients more choice and flexibility with greater earning potential for yourself! We should probably refer to it as the winning ingredient instead because it is definitely no secret!

We provide our retail shops with a range of marketing materials including regular posters, window cards and other marketing initiatives with exclusive deals and other offers relevant to the current month. These resources are key to the branding and visibility of a shop and saves you a considerable amount of money and effort producing your own. Because who wants to be bothered with the issue of whether to choose coral or fuchsia for the poster background when we already have people that thrive off that!

What’s more, our talented Membership Services Managers will be on hand to help you get the most from your shop, assisting you with look and feel for a professional and attractive image.


The most important thing to remember is that this is your business to grow and your own brand to build. We’re nosy, so we can’t help but assist you as much as we can, but we promise to not tell you what to do!

If you have any questions, please get in touch!

We understand that setting up your own business has lots of different costs for you to think about.  We want to make that journey easier for you, and therefore we don’t believe in charging huge up-front costs.  To get you started all we require is an application fee of £150 +VAT (£180).

Other than that, our fees are charged monthly:

  • Monthly Management Fee of 1.5% of gross turnover (minimum £500.00 per month)
  • IT System Support & Maintenance - £125 + VAT (including your back-office licence for one user – additional users can be added as required)


What is included?

  • The right to trade under your own name
  • Merchant Credit Card Facilities (processing fees apply)
  • Commissions payable on a monthly basis
  • Access to over 170 trade suppliers
  • Use of our Group ATOL Licence
  • Access to our BRAND-NEW Training Academy
  • FREE Marketing Support and Materials
  • Exclusive access to our in-house Cruise Tour Operator – The Cruise Club Concierge
  • Dedicated Membership Services Manager

This is the type of question we get asked in the Global Travel Membership department all the time.  People usually find us on the internet or through word of mouth.  The type of person we set up to be a travel agent varies from an ex banker to a manager at the local supermarket.  Generally the thing that people do have in common is a passion  for travel.  Most people love to travel and at some point think should I start up my own business?  That’s when we come in, the Membership team…

We may get a call from people like you making an initial inquiry or an email from our website.  We would then go through what you wanted to do, work from home office or a shop?  Go through any questions you may have up to arranging an informal meeting here at our head offices in Woking.  At the meeting we would go through everything with you, from how the systems work to the levels of commission you could earn.   It’s an exciting product and planning someone’s dream holiday can be very rewarding.

After the meeting you may want to  go ahead quickly or you may come back to us in 12 months time.  Should you choose to go ahead you do so when the time is right for you.  We then start the enrolment process from getting your logo designed to being passed to membership administration to make sure you have the right insurances etc.

The level of on-going support with us is really crucial for someone who has never worked in travel before.  From the two week training course for two people up to an IT support desk, we are there to help you build and grow your business.  The licences you need to trade and also to give you and your customers peace of mind.

Definitely! People from all backgrounds and experiences join The Global Travel Group. Our comprehensive training course provides you with all the neccessary skills you require to start up your own travel business. This together with your own business acumen gives you a good grounding – most people who join us simply love to travel.

Well, that depends on you and factors such as how many hours you work, how much you advertise and what you sell. A typical holiday booking is £2,500 after our small management fee is deducted you will earn £312.50, if you were to average 1 booking per day your gross earnings for the year would be in excess of £110,000.

Yes, it is your business so you can start any way you choose. Of course your earnings are dependent on how you start and how much time you put into the business but you can open in any way you want to and specialise in whatever you choose.

There is no other travel consortium that offers as much as The Global Travel Group or the same package. We offer unrivalled earning potential, support, training, knowledge and experience. If you want a business opportunity to earn you good returns then we can certainly offer you that.

Yes, we provide up to two people with a comprehensive How to become a travel agent “ training course. Our successful industry leading training programme, is designed for people from a non travel background.

Yes – we support you in so many ways with accounts and payments to suppliers through to IT and business support. For this ongoing support there are two fees:

1.5% of turnover or a minimum of £500.00 per month, whichever is greater

£125 (plus vat) per month for a back office system and technical support plus iSell, a dynamic packaging system.

The answer is definitely yes – you have access to the Group ATOL to package your own products and protect your customer’s holiday together with a Client Account that protects your clients financially. 

The Global Travel Group believe that people from all backgrounds and abilities should have a chance to fulfil their dreams and that with our help and support anyone can make a success.


01483 545782


01483 545783
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